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              Online sino nada
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              A Year in the Life of a noe Brigade
              Making a Birchbark noe
              Fur Post Construction
              Fur Trade Tents
              Arms in the Northwest
              The Strange End of John Fubbister
              Marking of Pieces
              A Tale of Three Beads  
              What Voyageurs Wore
              Basic Tinsmithing
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                I want to test my fur trade word power!

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              How David Thompson Navigated
              A Compendium of Material Culture
              Ceinture Fléchée : Finger Weaving a Voyageur Sash
              Fast Fires with Flint & Steel
              The Well-Dressed Explorer
              Seed Beads in the Northwest
              The Life of David Thompson
              Women in the Fur Trade
              Making a Copper Trade Kettle

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